Keep Your Guests Updated By Building Your Own Wedding Website

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Provide A Useful Wedding Resource For Your Invitees

Why you should consider using a wedding website to share with your guests and what to include on this useful platform.

As the world becomes more digital, what better way to make the most of modern technology than by creating a wedding website? Not only is this a great way to keep your guests informed about the planning and details of your big day, but our wedding venues Essex team believes it’s a fantastic way to keep in touch with people along the way. Wedding websites have multiple uses so long as you set up a secure platform and use them to your full advantage with these tips.

Planning Your Website

There are plenty of providers of free wedding websites that you can use, including The Knot, With Joy and Wix. Even though they’re free, they include some truly beautiful templates and are packed full of excellent features to suit every happy couple. But before you get started with choosing a wedding website package, it’s important to plan out what you want to use your website for. Are you creating a few pages to let your guests know how excited you are about your big day, or perhaps to share some funny anecdotes about how you met and your proposal story? Or is this more of a resource to provide tips for wedding accommodation, transport links, discount codes and key timings for the day? You could also include your gift registry details as many guests like to know what you’d prefer as a present.

Securing Your Website

If you don’t want your entire website to be indexed and searchable by anyone with a web browser, then you’ll need to secure your site with a password. You can share details of the URL and password to your guests either amongst your wedding invitations or else in an email as part of a ‘Save the Date’ announcement.

Consider Feelings

Some etiquette details apply here though. If you’re letting people know about your website before you’ve sent out your invitations, then make absolutely sure that everyone you share your site with will be making your final guest list cut. Distant family members or work colleagues will understandably be upset if you’ve advertised your wedding website to them but they don’t subsequently receive an invitation to your special day.

Equally, it’s best not to mention other invite-only celebrations such as the hen or stag dos on your wedding website unless you’ve only shared your link with invitees to both. Some wedding guests will be upset that they’ve not been included in these extra gatherings that you’re discussing publicly.

Online RSVPs

Many wedding websites have the functionality to include online RSVPs. This can work really well, and is certainly an environmentally friendly component to your wedding. But it can be a bit chaotic too if older family members don’t routinely use the Internet, or if you also include paper RSVPs as well as expecting a website response. As a rule of thumb, guests are more likely to react to formal wedding invitations sent through the post, than to casual online requests.

As with all things wedding-related, it’s entirely your preference as to whether you’d like to use a wedding website. Remember to inject plenty of personality into your site, and provide lots of information so that it is particularly useful for your guests.