Working Out The Priorities For Your Wedding Budget

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What Are The Most Important Elements Of Your Special Day?

Budgeting for a wedding can be a real headache, but you can make things easier by focusing only on booking what’s important to you as a couple.

The average cost of weddings in the UK has dipped by 1.3% in the past year, with couples now spending £17,674 on their celebrations in comparison to £17,913 previously according to Bridebook. This nationwide statistic is topped only by those choosing to get married in London where the average reaches a whopping £24,039. It is thought that the slight dip in cost is down to a wider choice of suppliers, along with couples making some more considerate choices with regards to their wedding budget. If you’re having difficulty working out how much you need to spend on your wedding and what your own budget priorities are, this guide will help you to keep focus!

Choosing Your Venue

Around half of your wedding budget should go towards your venue. You’ll find that you can save money by having the ceremony and reception in the same picturesque Essex wedding venue. This eliminates the need to spend on wedding transport and to pay for a separate ceremony venue or church for example.

Prioritising Your Suppliers

From photographers and caterers to florists and bands, there are plenty of types of suppliers that couples would traditionally fork out for. But if you and your other half don’t really like cake, then you could save yourself a few hundred quid by dropping this from your budget. Similarly, if you have a friend or family member who takes great pictures, then consider this in place of hiring an expensive wedding photography package. Choosing a wedding DJ over hiring a band could also save you thousands.

Making Tough Decisions

The number of guests you invite will be a large part of your wedding budget, as the per head cost quickly adds up. Keep in mind that by offering a slightly cheaper choice of meal, or by choosing less expensive wedding favours, then this will all work to your advantage when reviewing your wedding budget spreadsheet. But if a luxury wedding is really what you had in mind, then you may need to cut some people from your guest list in order to afford this style. Don’t be afraid to go through your list carefully and scratch off the names of your cousin’s in-laws who you’ve not seen in ten years, or that workmate from three jobs ago.

Keeping To Your Budget  

Once you have a figure in mind that you need to aim for, be sure not to overspend. Make a list of your highest priorities – is an ice cream van more important to you than that dazzling tiara? Don’t try and track these figures in your head, keeping a Google or Excel spreadsheet is critical to help you stay on target. Make sure you ask all suppliers if they include VAT in their quotes so that you’re working with accurate numbers. Book your priority suppliers as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of any Early Bird offers. Equally, keep looking for any special deals that might be available if you’re to get married mid-week for example.

When it comes to your wedding, the only thing that matters is that you and your betrothed are happy with the arrangements. Don’t feel pressured into booking things that other people want you to have. It’s your day, so plan it exactly how you wish!